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Texas Age Management Institute of Houston is a premier Anti-Aging and Age Management facility that houses David Jeyaraj M.D., a bioidentical hormone doctor in Houston, that specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and Anti-Aging Medical Services for both Men and Women in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas... Learn More

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David Jeyaraj M.D., Bioidentical Hormone Doctor Houston

Dr. David Jeyaraj M.D., at the Texas Age Management Institute specializes in Anti-Aging Medicine, and he provides his patients with programs to slow and prevent age related diseases and symptoms. The Programs that Dr. Jeyaraj provides are individualized, comprehensive, evidence based, and scientifically proven to provide effective, predictable results.

Dr. Jeyaraj wants his patients to imagine feeling as strong and agile as they did during the 20’s. With Anti-Aging Medicine, patients can sleep as well as they did during youth, and they can have the same endurance and flexibility as they did in college. This is possible, and the majority of people who use this program are doctors and their families. They are uniquely exposed to and are aware of the advances in modern medicine that make it possible to extend youthful vitality and optimum health, and aging no longer has to mean atrophy, senescence, or obsolescence.

One of Dr. Jeyaraj’s main tools in counteracting the negative effects of aging is Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. This therapy involves replenishing the body’s deficient hormones with Bio-identical hormones. Bio-identical hormones, as the term implies, are identical to those made by the body. They are usually plant based, but they can also be made in the laboratory. Since their molecular structure is identical to those made by the body, the risk of unexpected side effects is minimal when compared to the hormones that are synthetic.

TAMI only uses bio-identical hormones. Hormones have powerful effects, and they act in conjunction with each other like the members of an orchestra. Their levels need to be fine tuned and balanced out by a trained physician. Clinical follow-ups with periodic hormone blood level monitoring are critical to the process of balancing out hormones. Therefore, decisions on managing patients on bio-identical hormones are based on two important criteria, which include the clinical assessment of the patient and the blood levels of the hormones.

Depending which hormones are prescribed, the appropriate method of delivery is chosen, and the method is of delivery is based on safety, effectiveness, predictability, convenience, and reliability. For example, Dr. Jeyaraj predominantly uses the oral form of progesterone in women based on those five factors. The major target for these hormones is the brain, and that is why a person may feel poorly when he or she suffers from low hormone levels. When hormones are restored to normal levels, a person begins to feel better, due to the hormones interactions with the brain. Infrequently, factors other than hormonal deficiency can cause hormone deficiency symptoms. A skilled physician will be able to sort through these symptoms and arrive at the correct diagnosis.

Generally speaking, people can achieve some success in getting healthy by eating right and exercising. It is better than doing nothing; however, in order to achieve optimal health, a working knowledge of the science of healthy eating and of the right exercises is needed. A healthy diet and exercise program need to be practiced everyday, and patients need to obtain a clear picture of their physiological profiles in order to determine hormonal or nutrition deficiencies. A physician trained in age management medicine can then determine the right supplements and hormones for each individual based on extensive tests. Once the correct program and therapy is prescribed, the physician will continue to monitor and adjust the details of the program.

This modern science is available to patients; however, with a comprehensive, intelligent, individualized approach, and targeting the individual’s specific age-related condition, a patient can reverse some of the physiological damage on the cellular level, prevent or minimize future damage in specific areas, and restore vitality.

At the Texas Age Management Institute, Dr. David Jeyaraj is specifically trained in age management, and he can help restore former youthful levels of health.

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